Do Data Entry
and Earn Monthly Residual Income

Would you like to grow your monthly income?
You can, with Kidazzler! No fees ever!

Here’s How It Works…

Kidazzler is building a directory of businesses that are related to kids – for the sake of parents who want to enrich their kids’ lives.
And they’ll pay you to help them!
You Do the Data Entry. Just Google a place that parents would appreciate. Like a chess club, chiropractor, music studio, ice cream shop, or birthday party entertainer.
Enter the name of the business, phone number, address, type of business, website, and email if possible. If no one has entered them yet, they’re yours – “locked” in your name!

Then just sit back! Kidazzler contacts the businesses for you. For each business that becomes a member of the Kidazzler directory, Kidazzler pays you $10 every month!
Extra Bonus. Earn even more by referring others (if they’re at least 18, and live in the U.S. or Canada).
After someone signs up, they can start entering businesses right away.
When they earn, you earn more, too!
There is nothing to lose!
Very easy to sign up!

You Found This at the Right Time!
The anticipated launch date of the Kidazzler Directory is October 29, 2019!
P.S. I’m already starting to get paid every month! And it’s just going to snowball after the official launch!


All the best,
Danette Maloof